John Safin is not normal.

That's a testimonial from professionals who have reached their goals because of John.

It's a compliment and he's proud to own it.


He has spent a lot of years in business, working with governments, and volunteering in the community. John uses his knowledge, skills, and experiences to teach people, to help them improve, to be better in business, and to have a life they want. 


The same people will tell you he just doesn't think outside the box. He combines a "there is no box" attitude with traditional tried-and-true methods. 

John defines his success by the satisfaction of his clients

John Safin has decades of experience in management, marketing, public relations, and event planning. He has provided counsel and coaching to many business owners and professionals throughout the United States. He's a member of many civic and professional organizations as his way to be involved in the community.

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People + Knowledge + Process = Lasting Success